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Candle & Charcuterie Class. Thursday, May 5th. 6 - 8PM


 Candles & Charcuterie


In this class you will learn all about basic candle making equipment and supplies. Also covered are dyes, fragrances, wicks and the different type of waxes available. During class you will choose two scents and make two 6oz candle jars. After completing this beginner candle making class, you will leave with your own unique scented candle and will have the confidence to go home and create your own candles.


While we wait for the candles to set.


Build Your Own Charcuterie Board with Nosh& Gather

Class will include instructions about how to level up your boards.
We will go over what makes a good board i.e. variety, texture, color, crunchy, sweet, etc.
You will go home with new skills to entertain as well as a charcuterie board ready to eat and serve.

Time is approximately 2hours 40 minutes


*Classes are non refundable.




Northrup King Building

1500 Jackson St NE

Studio 206

Minneapolis, MN 55413

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Candle & Charcuterie Class. Thursday, May 5th. 6 - 8PM